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Your All-in-One Dashboard & Client Management Suite


Increase activity, boost sales and enhance customer communications with a suite of digital tools designed specifically for the insurance industry.  Never miss an opportunity with instant access to carrier appointments and quoting across all lines and over 700 carriers.



Elevate your results today with a suite of tools and instant infrastructure to stay in touch with every relationship that you have.  With on-demand quoting and direct access to over 700 top-rated carriers across all product lines you will never miss out on a sale. 



All agents can access our free plan and comprehensive dashboard with no credit card required.  


  • CRM

  • Communication Tools

  • Marketing Tools

  • Business Systems

  • Agent Website

  • Carrier Access

  • Commission Reporting




Our Bulk Package is designed for agents that want to increase their communications.


  • All FREE Features

  • Bulk Email Messages

  • Bulk Text Messages

  • Monthly E-Newsletter

  • Birthday Greetings

Bulk Package


Our Brand Package provides independent agents with professional RetireCo branding.


  • All FREE Features

  • All Bulk Features

  • Email

  • Toll Free Phone Line

  • Marketing Materials

  • Social Media Ads

  • Response Mail Permit

Brand Package





What exactly does RetireCo do for insurance agents?

We provide the ultimate CRM platform and communication strategies for insurance agents looking to boost their business.  Additionally, agents have the option to leverage our branding solutions and instantly access our 700+ carrier partners.


What kind of license is required to get started with RetireCo? 

All states require that the those agents soliciting insurance products have at minimum a resident life and health or property and casualty insurance license in good standing.  Most state licenses can be obtained within thirty days at a minimal cost and we do provide pre-licensing support within our agent dashboard.  After registration you'll have immediate access to pre-licensing training.

Can you help me obtain a new license or continuing education?

Yes.  We have partnered with WebCE to deliver nationwide pre-licensing and continuing education online directly through your dashboard.  Most courses are deeply discounted and course advisors are assigned to each agent to assist with the process.


Do I have a set product line that RetireCo provides and regulates? 

No. You will be able to sell any product or service that you are licensed to sell.  We provide access to over 700 L&H and P&C insurance carriers and tens of thousands of products.  You may also submit a request for a specific carrier or product and we'll negotiate a contract on your behalf.


Do I have to be appointed with RetireCo’s carriers in order to use the dashboard and quote products? 

No.  You can instantly access your dashboard and no contracting is ever required.  Thanks to our institutional grade contracting you will have the ability to quote nearly all of our carriers prior to contracting.


If I have an existing insurance agency and my own logo and brand can I still use the dashboard? 

Absolutely.  Our platform is designed to be flexible specifically for agents and agencies that want to leverage all of our tools without adopting our brand name in their day-to-day marketing.


Can I maintain an existing carrier contract or relationship? 

Yes.  We have no carrier contracting requirements.


How long will take to set up my account before I have access to my dashboard?

We process requests instantly online in real time.  Accounts are readily available and the dashboard is immediately available. 


How much does it cost to use the All-in-One Agent Dashboard? 

Zero. You can get started immediately by simply completing our online on-boarding and registration process.


What kind of expenses should I expect? 

There are no up front or recurring fees of any kind required.  Software upgrades are available including bulk email, bulk text messaging, and other branding and communication solutions.  These require either a one time payment or subscription.



Do I have to be contracted with RetireCo's carrier partners?

No.  Our platform is completely open architecture.  You pick and choose the carriers you'd like to be appointed with at any time.

How long does it take to get appointed with your carrier partners?

It depends on the carrier and state.  In nearly all cases your contracting will be completed in less than a week.  And, in some cases you may be contracted and ready to sell within 24 hours.  Our goal is to complete your contracting as quickly and easily as possible.


Will you help me with my carrier contracting?

Yes.  The vast majority of your contracting is completed online within your dashboard.  We have made the process extremely simple and you can typically add a carrier within a few minutes.  

Will I be assigned to a single wholesaler?

No.  We feel that only having one wholesaler that knows a little bit about a lot of products is not the best solution for our agents.  You will have access to a dedicated team to support you.  Each member of our team is an expert in their particular product lines ready to assist you.


Who do I contact for each product?

 We provide each agent with a full directory of dedicated support staff.  The directory includes product specialists, case managers, underwriters, technology support, operations, licensing and contracting, as well as dedicated teams for each division of our company.  You will have direct extensions, personal email addresses and full contact information for each team member.

Who helps me once I submit an application?

For the majority of products we offer, once you submit an application we will assign a case or application ID.  For each case you will have dedicated access to a product specialist, case manager and underwriter.  Additional support and personnel are available as needed for advanced cases, large group applications and sophisticated or unique transactions.



What type of commission level can I expect when writing insurance business?

All agents earn the full maximum available percentage of street level or comparable agent commission for L&H and P&C product lines.  Effectively, if you could earn a commission with a carrier on your own as an independent agent, you will earn the same commission level or better at RetireCo.

Can I start at a higher commission level if I provide proof of my past production?

Yes.  For L&H insurance we will accept proof of production in the form of tax documentation, carrier commission reports or trailing twelve month production audits for consideration of an immediate commission level increase.  For P&C insurance we will accept book rollovers and additional factors for consideration of a commission level increase.  An agent’s experience, number of subagents, relationships and other factors will also be considered.


How often are commissions paid?

L&H commissions are typically paid daily or weekly via ACH after a policy is issued.  P&C commissions are paid typically 30 - 45 days after the effective date of the policy.  We make every effort to ensure that commissions are paid as quickly as possible.  

Can I maintain an existing carrier contract or relationship? 

Yes.  Our carrier contracting is truly an open architecture platform wherein you can leverage our carrier access as needed to best provide for your clients.  In order to fully leverage our CRM platform with both case management and compensation data integration it is highly recommended that you maintain the majority of your carrier contracts with RetireCo.


Who owns the book of business?

You own the book of business provided you are licensed and in good standing with the corresponding carrier.

Do you have a release policy?

No.  We will release any agent immediately upon request, provided a) the agent is in good standing, b) the agent does not have any outstanding chargebacks or pending business, c) such a release is permitted by the corresponding carrier or partner.


How often are L&H commissions paid?

Commissions are paid via ACH typically daily or weekly on a carrier-by-carrier basis.


Are residual and renewal commissions paid in the same manner?

Yes.  All commissions are paid via ACH.  This includes all forms of commission payments.


Are my renewals vested?

Yes.  All residual and renewal commissions are vested day one.


Where can I see my L&H commission levels for each L&H product?

The majority of our L&H carriers and products are searchable using our Product & Commission Search Tool within each agent’s dashboard.  Commissions are set by each corresponding carrier and are subject to change.


Are commission advances available for any products?

Yes.  We have a number of life and health products that offer commission advances from 6 to 18 months (50% - 75%).  Most products and their corresponding advance information are searchable from within each agent’s dashboard.

Does RetireCo have any holdback on advanced commissions?

No.  We remit full payment of any commission advance in accordance with the carrier's schedule.

Can I participate in carrier incentive trips and awards?

Yes. Established producers will have access to additional benefits and the majority of carrier trips and incentives.


Can I set up a beneficiary to receive ongoing commission due to me?

Yes, provided the carrier requests this information and provides an opportunity to support this type of ongoing commission arrangement.


How are my P&C commissions paid?

All P&C commissions are paid directly to you from our digital wholesaler.  If you have opted in for ACH Direct Deposits, you will receive a deposit no less than once per month. If you have not opted for Direct Deposit, commissions are processed and checks are issued once per quarter.


When will I receive my P&C commissions on sold policies?

Commissions are typically paid 30-45 days after the effective date of the policy. This is true in most instances regardless of when or how your customer made their premium payment to the carrier. We then cut checks on a weekly basis and you will be paid once each month for all commissions due. We apply cash from most carriers via an electronic commission statement download the same day that the statement is received. We typically make payments to agents about two weeks after we receive payment from the carriers and have applied the cash.


Do you charge brokerage fees or do you allow my agency to charge fees?

No. We have never charged brokerage fees on the policies we sell. Certain states allow agencies to charge a brokerage fee. Our P&C Producer Agreement states that if you decide to independently charge a brokerage fee, you will abide by all state insurance laws and will provide the required disclosure and will obtain the needed customer authorization, signatures and acknowledgement regarding fees charged.


Who owns the book of business?

You own the business by way of contract as clearly defined in our P&C Producer Agreement.

If I lost an appointment due to volume requirements, can you roll my book of business?

Yes. We have a simple process in place that requires minimal information from you or your customer.


If I have an existing direct carrier appointment, can I maintain that relationship?

Yes, absolutely.  Our “Best of Both Worlds” platform allows you to maintain any existing carrier relationships, while quoting additional carriers side-by-side.  Effectively, this means that you can never earn less working with RetireCo than you would on your own with direct-to-carrier relationships.


What are the licensing requirements to refer business to RetireCo?

There are no licensing requirements to refer business to RetireCo.  We pay referral fees in most states for the vast majority of products and services that we offer.


What type of referral fee can I expect when referring customers?

We provide all referral fees in accordance with the NAIC Producer Model Act based on the state of sale for non-licensed agents.  While referral fees vary from product-to-product and state-to-state we make every effort to maintain competitive compensation as high as 15% of the commissionable revenue typically generated by an insurance agent.  Licensed agents may also choose to refer business or participate in joint cases, earning as much as 30-70% of total commission.  


How often are referral fees paid?

Referral fees are paid via ACH no less than once per month following remittal and payment to our company for the sale of the product or service.  We make every effort to pay referral fees as quickly as possible.


If I start out referring a product line, but change my mind later how soon can I start selling?

Right away.  We provide access to both pre-licensing and training directly through your dashboard under the Support tab.  We are also happy to work with you and answer any questions that you may have along the way in order to bring you up-to-speed and ready to sell any product.


Can I sell or refer products and services in multiple states?

Yes.  We have dedicated product and service offerings available in every state.  Product and carrier availability varies in each state.  You have the ability to refer all business for a particular product line or refer on a case-by-case basis, whether it is a product you are unfamiliar with or the client is located in a state you are not licensed in.


What specialized risk management solutions do you offer?

We provide a full suite of risk management solutions for individuals and organizations; including cyber security, employee benefits, estate closures, identity theft protection and living trusts.


How much can I earn referring non-insurance risk management solutions?

Each product or service has a dedicated referral or compensation structure.  Refer to each risk management solution for more information.


Can I refer agents to RetireCo?

Yes.  You can access our Refer-an-Agent tool directly from within your agent dashboard.  In a matter of seconds you can send a custom link to any agent that you’d like to refer to us. 


Does it cost anything to refer an agent?

No.  You are welcome to refer as many agents as you’d like at no cost to you.

Do I have to recruit agents?

No.  RetireCo will never ask you to recruit an agent.


Can I add sub-agents to my hierarchy?

Yes.  We have dedicated proprietary solutions designed for downline recruitment and agent placement within your hierarchy.  An assignment of commissions form will be required if commissions are to be split between agents.


Does RetireCo provide any free leads?

No.  However, many of our carrier and marketing partners may offer leads from time-to-tome.


Does RetireCo sell leads?

No.  Most leads you purchase from a vendor will easily import and integrate with our marketing and sales systems.  A number of different lead types are available across all product lines ranging from internet leads to comprehensive seminar systems.


Does RetireCo offer lead generation services?

Yes.  We offer proprietary solutions to help you generate leads using bulk email, prospecting lists and direct mail.


Is there a way to find consumer databases in my area? 

Yes.  Popular consumer information includes public emails, new homeowners, turning 65 lists and other public records.


Can you help me set up a referral network and establish B2B relationships? 

Yes.  Our team will try to assist you by providing the contact information for local businesses and organizations in your area.


What about traditional advertising? 

RetireCo agents will an advertising budget can access our RetireCo branded materials and easily start marketing in their community.


What digital marketing solutions are available to agents? 

We provide every agent with an agent webpage that can be customized or upgraded right from your dashboard.  We also offer social media marketing, email marketing, text messaging, telemarketing and much more.


Can I recommend or sell insurance products directly on my RetireCo webpage? 

Yes.  As long as you have an insurance license in good standing you may recommend, solicit and sell insurance products online as long as it is permitted by the carrier.  For a growing number of our products we offer direct-to-consumer sales options with full commissions.

Can I add a link to my webpage for an existing social media profile?

Yes.  We provide agents with the opportunity to link to their social media profiles. If you’d like to link to another page or website just let us know and we will try to accommodate in a timely manner.


Can I provide my webpage to another organization to offer to their customers?

Yes.  We encourage you to do everything you can to promote your webpage and all of our valuable products and services.  


If I have a business or organization that would like to promote my business can I provide them with a webpage?

Yes.  Our proprietary business benefits portal can be fully customized for a variety or organizational types.  We provide the template and you can customize with the organization’s logo, color scheme and product selection.  We also have niche templates available for a growing number of business types.


Does RetireCo assist with online advertising? 

Yes.  RetireCo may be able to assist with the placement of online ads.  You can request assistance technical support directly from the HELP menu in your dashboard.


Can I do email marketing? 

Yes.  We have a number of resources available to help you market to your community via email.  A number of these tools integrate directly with your dashboard and include templates and bulk email functionality.

Does RetireCo offer an e-newsletter? 

Yes.  We have an ongoing monthly newsletter that you can sign up for within your dashboard.  Once you sign up you can either send the newsletter to your entire database or select recipients.

Can I send text messages from my dashboard? 

Yes.  Provided you have permission to send a text message, you are able to select recipients from your dashboard and send templates or customized text messages individually or in bulk.  You can subsequently reply from your own mobile device or within the dashboard.


How do I get started?

After registration you can instantly access your dashboard, training library and live chat.  

Does RetireCo offer IT and technology support?

Yes.  Our in-house IT team provides technology support across all of our platforms.  If you ever need assistance our team will work directly with you to resolve any issues that you are experiencing.


How do I request support at a specific time?

In addition to our full directory for each product specialist, department and division of RetireCo, you can also schedule a support call at a time convenient for you directly from your dashboard.


How do I get quotes or illustrations?

Within your dashboard you can run your own quotes in real time across most product lines.



How is my initial training delivered?

Once you register you will have instant access to our training library.  You will also be invited to ongoing webinars scheduled each week.  Each training is focused on an individual topic.  Examples would include: Dashboard Training, Quoting and Submitting Applications, CRM System, Marketing and more.


Do you provide online training on specific products?

Yes.  On-demand video training is available 24 hours a day in each agent’s dashboard.  


How will I know when trainings are scheduled?

Within your dashboard you will find a calendar of training events, which are typically delivered as a webinar or conference call.  Additional in-person training sessions are also scheduled and occur throughout the year.

Can I request training on a particular topic?

Yes.  We encourage all of our agents to ask questions.  If you need help with a product, marketing strategy, sales concept or anything related to your business we’d be happy to help, just ask.


Are there any regularly scheduled training sessions?

Yes.  Each week we invite all agents to attend a webinar or conference call where we address popular topics, hot trends in the industry, relevant questions and more.  You are encouraged to ask questions using the chat or Q&A tools within the webinar dashboard.


Is there any mandatory training?

No.  However, all agents must be in compliance with required state and carrier training.  We also require that our P&C agents complete a dedicated P&C dashboard training session.


Do you provide access to a CRM system?

Yes.  RetireCo provides every agent with access to our proprietary client management system within their dashboard.  You can import all of your contacts in a matter of minutes from your existing email accounts, smartphone contact list, LinkedIn contacts, alternate CRM platforms and spreadsheets.  


Can you help me contact all of my existing network and client database?

Yes.  Our dashboard is designed to help you communicate with your existing network through email, text message, telemarketing and social media.  We offer an assortment of proven templates and allow you to instantly create your own custom templates.

Can I use my own CRM system?

Yes.  You are welcome to use any CRM that you would like.  However, RetireCo currently only supports integrations between our proprietary platform and Redtail at this time.  


Do you offer pre-approach letters and scripts? 

Yes.  We have an evergreen online library of pre-approach materials for outreach to various client and prospect types, niches and verticals.  These materials are designed for delivery in multiple forms; phone scripts, email templates, social media posts, mailing campaigns and more. 

Do you offer marketing and promotional materials to help promote my agency?

Yes.  You have the ability to instantly launch email marketing and social media marketing within your dashboard.  You also have the option to access digital collateral materials online and either print them on your own or place an order with a printer of your choice.


Are there product specific marketing materials available? 

Yes.  We provide online access to product specific materials for use by both agents and consumers within your dashboard.  You can also access sales pieces, consumer marketing materials and more within your dedicated dashboards for L&H and P&C.  You are also permitted to use carrier approved marketing materials from any of our hundreds of carriers.


Can I use the RetireCo brand and logo? 

Yes.  With the click of a button agents can select a custom brand or the RetireCo brand.  We license the rights to our brand to agents seeking a turn key professional marketing solution.

General Information

We are changing the insurance industry.  Agents need access to technology and carriers in order to manage risk effectively.  We provide the industry's only solution to integrate an agent's entire business and all product lines into an intuitive All-in-One dashboard.  NO contracting required.  NO production requirements.  NO credit card required.


Insurance Technology

Proprietary CRM + digital solutions specifically for insurance agents.

App Design

Client Lifecycle Automation

Import your leads, upload all of your contacts and track every touch point.

NYC Skyline BW

Every Product Line On-Demand

Access to over 700 carrier contracts across all lines. No contracting required.

Mobile Phone

Communication Tools

Integrated email, text message, social media and more.

Business Presentation

Powerful + Proven Systems

Leverage time-tested marketing and proprietary business systems.


Top Compensation

Full street level commissions, advances up to 18 months and no holdback.

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